Kill the DJ Character Profiles


Mia Forte


Sex: Female

Gender: Tomboy. She has no problem getting dirty when she needs to.

Age: 17

From: Las Vegas. Was born in 2013, so she has a slight memory of things before everything went to shit. But she mostly remembers things as they are, with everything run down and abandoned.


Family: Her dad died when she was a kid. Even though the police say it was in a mugging, Mia isn’t so sure. Her mom works as what Mia assumes is a prostitute, and isn’t around a lot. Mia has two half-siblings through her mom, seven year olds Kelly and Frederick.

Friends: Best friends since childhood with Emma. Is also friends with Ana, Elijah, Layne, and Connor, who all live in the motel.

The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual orientation: Straight

What she’s attracted to: She loves guys in glasses. And she doesn’t like guys who are too much taller than her. She hates having to stand on her toes to kiss someone. She wants someone who’s going to love her, dysfunctional family and all.

Romantic experience: None.

Sexual experience: She’s kissed a few guys on dares, but that’s all she’s ever done. Before Landon she hasn’t even held hands with a guy before.


Skills: Fast runner, thanks to running everywhere. Could teach a self-defense class in her sleep.

Occupation and Schooling: A junior at Las Vegas High School. Works at the mini mart a few blocks away from the motel.

Hobbies: Trying to train Eve, going to the club, anything to do with her brother and sister.

Personality and Character:

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert. Immediately feels like she’s friends with someone new.

Right-brained or left-brained: Left brained. She doesn’t understand most things that can’t be explained by pure logic.

Strengths: She cares deeply for her family. Even her mom, even if she doesn’t think so. She does everything she can to help take care of Kelly and Frederick. She also cares about her friends. She wants to makes things better for everyone.

Weaknesses: She’s insecure. After a lifetime of her mom ignoring her and her trying to take care of her siblings on her own, she worries that she’s not good enough.

Goals and dreams: As mentioned many times in the book, she just wants everything to be ok. She wants to get her mom help and she wants to be able to support her family. She wants a better life for Frederick and Kelly.

Beliefs: She believes in God, but thinks that God doesn’t care about anyone anymore.

Fears: Losing Kelly and Frederick.

Would die for: The ones she loves.


Landon Louis


Sex: Male

Gender: He’s rather feminine due to his parents pampering him his whole life.

Age: 18

From: Born in Los Angeles, but moved to New York when he was six years old and the country started to deteriorate.


Family: His father, Landon Sr., only comes home on the weekends, as he is a workaholic and runs the New York branch of Louis Inc. He’s one of the richest men in the world. Landon’s mother, Sylvia, runs the newly opened Las Vegas branch of Louis Inc. Although she is a workaholic as well, she mostly worked from home in New York so she could take care of Landon and his brother. Landon finds her frigid and doesn’t have a close relationship with her. Braden, Landon’s older brother, runs the Los Angeles branch of Louis Inc. Growing up, Landon and Braden were very close. Landon has only seen him twice since he moved to Los Angeles two years ago.

Friends: Due to being sheltered from the outside world his whole life, Landon hasn’t had many friends besides his brother. The kids his age that he did know were to snobby for him to like.

The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual orientation: Straight

What he’s attracted to: He doesn’t care about looks. He wants a girl who’s smart and doesn’t care about his family’s money. He wants a girl who will think for herself and is passionate about the things she cares about.

Romantic experience: Had one serious girlfriend in New York that interned for Louis Inc.

Sexual experience: He’s experienced, but he’s not an expert.


Skills: Knows his way around electronics and can put them together.

Occupation and schooling: Worked at Louis Inc. in New York, but convinced his dad to let him quit once his dad understood that it’s not what he wants to do. Currently attends Las Vegas High School. It’s his first time in a school since kindergarden.

Hobbies: Watching movies.

Personality and Character:

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

Left brained or right brained: Right brained. Very artistic and used to make movies when he was a kid.

Strengths: Is very intelligent.

Weaknesses: He’s never had too many close relationships with people, so caring about people is something new to him.

Goals and dreams: Hopes to be a part of the film industry someday.

Beliefs: His father believes in science and not religion, so Landon doesn’t know much about religion.

Fears: People only like him for his family’s money.

Would die for: Mia and anything that she cares about, because Mia is one of the only things he cares about.


Daniel (DJ D.)


Sex: Male

Gender: Depends on the day

Age: 23

From: Manhattan


Family: Mother and older sister left when he and Judas were young. Father was very abusive toward Daniel. Him and Judas have always been best friends.

Friends: None. Everyone has always been scared of him and Judas.

The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual orientation: Likes men

What he’s attracted to: Someone who will let him lead the way, but who isn’t meek. They have to be able to help him rule the world, though.

Romantic experience: Three serious boyfriends. Two of them were at the same time.

Sexual experience: Plenty.


Skills: Can actually make some decent music.

Occupation and schooling: Works full time as a DJ. Dropped out of high school when he was sixteen to take care of Judas after their father abandoned them.

Hobbies: DJing, trying to figure out how to rule the world.

Personality and Character:

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert

Right brained or left brained: Both

Strengths: Strong leadership qualities.

Weaknesses: He’s crazy.

Goals and dreams: To rule the world.

Beliefs: He is God.

Fears: Dying before he gets power.

Would die for: Nothing until he’s in power. After that he’d consider dying for the chance to go down in a blaze of glory.




Sex: Male

Gender: Masculine. He has to be the man.

Age: 20

From: Manhattan. He grew up in the city.


Family: His mother left when him and his brother were young because she realized that they were sociopathic. His father was abusive, only adding fire to the growing problem with Judas and his brother’s behavior. However, he treated Judas better than Daniel. Has one brother and one sister. Daniel and him have always been close.They have an older sister, Leah, but haven’t seen her since she left with their mom.

Friendships: None. Him and Daniel always scared the other kids.

The Sexy Stuff:

Sexual orientation: Straight

What he’s attracted to: Doesn’t care about personality, just wants a girl with big boobs and a good ass.

Romantic experience: Has never felt anything romantically.

Sexual experience: Lots. He’s kind of a player.


Skills: Amazing with technology.

Occupation and schooling: Currently a student. Going to school to study computer science and physics.

Hobbies: Reading, anything to do with technology.

Personality and Character:

Introvert or extrovert: It could go either way depending on the environment.

Right brained or left brained: Left brained.

Strengths: Smart enough to figure out how to brainwash people, good at manipulating people.

Weaknesses: Has sociopathic tendencies

Goals and dreams: To be in some sort of position of power

Beliefs: Doesn’t believe in anything that isn’t cold, hard, fact.

Fears: None

Would die for: Nothing


What Other Characters Look Like

Ana, Emma, and Shauna