Kill the DJ


Kill the DJ

  Kill the DJ is my first novel. It was released on February 28th, 2017. It's a YA dystopian/science fiction story with a little bit of romance thrown in. I started it when I was fifteen and spent the next three and a half years working on it. 
  The story takes place in the year 2030, years after the world has been thrown into chaos because of war. America is in shambles and everyone has been struck by poverty. Mia Forte is a seventeen year old who lives in a motel room with her brother and sister. Their mom occasionally shows up, but she isn't usually there for long. When a new kid, Landon, is in Mia's math class, she's excited. He's different. He's cute, and even though Mia doesn't care about the money, he's rich. He introduces her to a world she's never seen before. And then a DJ that no one has ever heard of before shows up in town. After going to the club he's at, kids begin acting weird. When Mia's brother and sister disappear, she knows that the DJ is to blame. After getting some help from Landon, Mia sets out to rescue her brother and sister.

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