Election Year 2050 Character Profiles


Jaxon Ribelle


Sex: Male

Gender: Neutral. He doesn’t need to exert his manliness to feel like a man.

Age: 31

From: Manhattan. Grew up in a wealthy family.


Family: Grew up with both parents. His mom was a lawyer and his dad was a doctor. He was an only child, so he was usually left to fend for himself.

Friends: None personally. Everyone he knows he knows through his wife.

The Sexy Stuff

Sexual orientation: Straight

What he’s attracted to: He likes girls with shorter hair. Not shaved, but like a pixie cut. He loves green eyes. He’s content to lay back and let the woman make the decisions.

Romantic experience: Him and Olivia were in an arranged marriage, which became common around 2032. Before that he had a few girlfriends, nothing serious.

Sexual experience: Olivia is the only woman he’s ever been with.


Skills: Very athletic. He was on the basketball and baseball team in high school and college. Also good with numbers.

Occupation and Schooling: He’s an accountant. He went to college in New York for accounting.

Hobbies: Likes to work out in the apartment building’s gym. Trying to teach Zoe to play catch.

Personality and Character

Introvert or extrovert: Introvert

Right-brained or left-brained: Left brained. Very logical and likes to stick to the facts.

Strengths: Has a good head on his shoulders, doesn’t do anything without thinking it through.

Weaknesses: Can’t do much without Olivia.

Goals and dreams: He wants to see Zoe grow up with a good life.

Beliefs: None. Religion has been outlawed.

Fears: Something happening to Olivia or Zoe.

Would die for: The ones he loves.


Olivia Ribelle


Sex: Female

Gender: Very feminine. Loves to get dressed up and pampered.

Age: 30

From: The streets of Manhattan.


Family: Both parents were executed before she could even form a memory. She was put into foster care, but spent most of her time on the streets due to abusive foster parents.

Friends: Has many friends.

The Sexy Stuff

Sexual orientation: Straight

What he’s attracted to: She doesn’t care about looks, she just wants someone who will look past her childhood.

Romantic experience: When she was fourteen, she met a guy ten years her senior. She dated him for four years until her foster mother arranged a marriage with Jaxon’s parents.

Sexual experience: Lots.


Skills: Has a lot of street smarts. Loves to sculpt.

Occupation and schooling: Dropped out of middle school when she was thirteen. Never went to college. She now has a career as an artist.

Hobbies: Going to the spa, spending time with Zoe.

Personality and Character

Introvert or extrovert: Both.

Left brained or right brained: Right brained. Very artistic, had sculptures she created all over their apartment.

Strengths: Street smarts. Also extremely maternal.

Weaknesses: People underestimate her when they learn about her past.

Goals and dreams: She wants to live in a place where there are no executions.

Beliefs: None.

Fears: Something happening to Jaxon or Zoe.

Would die for: Zoe. A chance to better the world.

Albert Franch


Sex: Male

Gender: He acts very masculine and tough, but he has a fragile ego.

Age: 51

From: He’s lived in Washington D.C. his whole life.


Family: His parents were both politicians. He was mostly taken care of by a nanny, until he was eight years old and his father was assassinated. After that his mom stayed him to take care of him and his siblings. He has three brothers and three sisters. He’s not close with any of them.

Friendships: Only friends with politicians who support him.

The Sexy Stuff

Sexual orientation: He thinks he’s straight, but he’s so homophobic that it’s possible he’s in the closet.

What he’s attracted to: Only women he deems a “ten”. Big boobs, tiny waist, nice ass.

Romantic experience: Had a girlfriend when he was in college that he really cared about. She broke up with him because she thought that he was too obsessed with his career. He hasn’t had romantic feelings for any girl since then.

Sexual experience: Not much since college. Girls don’t find him attractive. Not even his wife, Aurora.


Skills: Very manipulative

Occupation and schooling: Went to Harvard. Became the unexpected winner in the race for mayor when he was twenty-seven, and has only grown career-wise since then.

Hobbies: Hunting for sport.

Personality and Character

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert. He has to be for his career.

Right brained or left brained: Left brained. Doesn’t have an ounce of appreciation for art in his body.

Strengths: Manipulativeness, he’s the most powerful man in America.

Weaknesses: He’s a fucking moron.

Goals and dreams: To be the most powerful man in the world.

Beliefs: Doesn’t believe in anything.

Fears: Losing power.

Would die for: Nothing and no one.


Aurora Franch


Sex: Female

Gender: Pretends to be feminine for the sake of her public image. Kind of a tomboy, wanted to fight in combat, but women aren’t allowed to anymore.

Age: 34

From: Born and raised in a small fishing town in Maine. Lived there until she met Albert when she was in her twenties. She moved to D.C. shortly after meeting him.


Family: Her parents were seventeen when she was born, so she was raised by her grandparents. They told her that her mother was her sister for twenty years. She hasn’t talked to any of them since she found that out.

Friends: She’s friends with all of the politicians’ wives. She doesn’t like them very much.

The Sexy Stuff

Sexual orientation: Straight

What he’s attracted to: Someone with money. Anyone with money.

Romantic experience: She’s had some boyfriends, but broke up with them when they couldn’t give her what she wanted.

Sexual experience: Some. Not very much with Albert, though.


Skills: She could kill someone with her bare hands if she had to.

Occupation and schooling: Graduated high school, but couldn’t afford to go to college. She worked as a bar waitress until she met Albert. Now she’s a stay-at-home wife.

Hobbies: Faked: Getting nails and hair done, doing make-up. Secretly: Rock climbing, archery.

Personality and Character

Introvert or extrovert: Both.

Right brained or left brained: Left brained.

Strengths: Very intelligent and independent. She could overthrow Albert's reign if she wanted to.

Weaknesses: She must pretend to be weak.

Goals and dreams: She wants to change the world.

Beliefs: None.

Fears: Albert.

Would die for: The chance to help somebody.