Health Update

  Hey guys! It's been so long since I did a health update, but I have some news. So, in my last health update, I mentioned that I had made a rheumatology appointment. Well, after months and months of waiting, I had my appointment yesterday. Well, I walked away with not one, not two, but three new diagnoses. Lucky me.

  First off, yes, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After seven months of suspecting that I had it, my question was finally answered. And I'm not even upset about it. That's the funny thing about chronic illnesses, mental illnesses, and things like that. I think a lot of people know (or at least think) they have an illness before they are diagnosed with it. And by the time they get their diagnosis, they've already come to terms with having the problem. Like me. I'm not upset, I'm just relieved to finally have an answer.

  The second diagnosis I got was another one I began to think I might have. I have allodynia. Basically, it's a heightened sensitivity to pain. And it makes sense. A few weeks ago I went to get a massage for the first time in months because I've been going through a pretty bad pain flare lately. Honestly? The massage hurt more than it did good. And then there's little things that suddenly began hurting me that never did before. And I'm pretty sure I mentioned in a previous health update that I've been bruising really easily, which never used to happen. Well, now I know why I've been bruising.

  The last diagnosis I got answers questions that I've been having since I was a little kid. I have formication. Formication causes you to constantly feel like you have bugs crawling on your skin. And that's a problem I've had for as long as I can remember. For me, it especially seems to be triggered by clothes touching my skin, or people touching me. I hate being touched, it makes my skin crawl. And now I know why. I know that I've had this disease for a long time, because I remember one time in first grade I had to stay home from school because the feeling of bugs on my skin was so bad. I couldn't find anything to wear, because everything seemed to make the feeling worse.

  Formication isn't the only disease I have where a diagnosis suddenly answered so many questions. It feels like every time I'm diagnosed with something new, all these things click into place. All these little things that I've felt or thought throughout my life suddenly make sense. So, even though it sucks that I have three new health problems, I'm glad to finally have some answers.

Announcement: Janie’s Got a Gun

  Hey guys! For those of you who don’t get my emails (sign up by clicking on the ‘sign up’ tab above), I have some news: I’m releasing a new short story!

   It’s called Janie’s Got a Gun, and it is about Janie, a police officer who gets into a car accident. While arguing with the man she got into the accident with, she has a sudden realization and pulls a gun on him.

  This story will be released as an ebook only on July 31st. I will let you guys know when it is available for preorder. 

Bad Reputation is Now Live!


  It's June 5th, and you all know what that means... It's Bad Reputation's release day! I am so excited! I'm going to keep this short. I just want to thank everyone who has supported my career, and here's the links to order the book.



Everywhere else:

Bad Reputation Preview

  Bad Reputation comes out tomorrow! Oh. My. God. I am so excited. I am so proud of this book, and I cannot wait for you guys to read it. And now, I'm sharing the first chapter with you guys. One more thing I want to mention is that I'm not going to be blogging and vlogging very often anymore. Basically, I want to focus more on writing my books. And with that, let's read this first chapter.


  I walked down the street, holding Alex’s hand. My friends, Robin, Georgia, and Anne were walking next to us.

  “I had a good time tonight,” I told Alex.

  He had taken my friends and me to play laser tag. I had never been before. I couldn’t afford it.

  Alex stepped in front of me and looked down at me. “You did?”

  I grinned, turning to my friends. “You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up.”

  They giggled and kept walking.

  “You wanna have an even better time?” Alex asked, leaning down to kiss me.

  After we kissed I said, “You know I can’t. I have to get home. My dad’s probably worried about me.”

  Truthfully, I wasn’t ready for a “better time”. Alex was older than me. He was seventeen. I was only fifteen. He usually understood that I wasn’t ready, but sometimes he got kind of pushy.

  Alex sighed. “Alright. Do you want me to walk you home?”

  I shook my head. “It’s an extra three blocks. You don’t have to do that. I’m walking home with the girls anyway.”

  “Alright. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

  I kissed him again. “Bye.”

  As I walked to catch up with my friends I thought about how great things were going. Not only did I finally have friends, but I also had a boyfriend!

  It took me a long time to make friends. Not because I’m shy, or anything like that. I’m actually really outgoing. But my brother screwed things up for me. He was constantly getting into trouble and was always doing stints in Juvie. People were really scared of him around here. But he left Los Angeles three years ago. It’s been just my dad and me ever since. Even though my dad is an alcoholic, he and I get along fine. The problem is that everyone thought that I was like my brother. I hope I’m never like him. It took me until this summer to prove to everyone that I was my own person. I made friends with some of the girls in my apartment complex, and I met Alex at the pizza place down the street. So yeah, everything’s going great.

  I sniffed the air. I smelled smoke. Weird.

  “Chrissy!” Georgia called.

  I ran to the corner where they were standing.

  “Oh my god!” I cried.

  Our apartment complex was on fire. The whole thing.

  My friends and I ran down the street. There was a crowd of people standing across the street.

  “Someone call 911!” I shouted.

  “They’re on their way,” Someone told me.

  I looked at the complex. It was blazing. The fire department would never make it on time. I looked at my building, at the window on the second floor, fourth from the right. There was someone standing at the window.

  “Dad!” I yelled. I lunged forward, but someone grabbed my arm.

  “It’s not safe,” They said.

  And then the building collapsed.

Bad Reputation and Daughter of Darkness Cover Reveal!

  I just got the covers for Bad Reputation and Daughter of Darkness yesterday, and I am in love! They are both so beautiful, and I couldn't wait to share them with you guys. So, here they are!



  Ahhhh! I'm so excited! I am extremely happy with both of these covers. I had one idea of what I wanted for each cover. I knew that I wanted a starry night sky in the background on Bad Reputation's cover, and I knew I wanted Daughter of Darkness to have a red and black cover. But the final results? Perfect. Amazing. They are everything I could have asked for.

  If you haven't preordered the ebooks yet, I'll leave the links down below. As usual, the paperback won't be available to order until the release days.

Preorder Bad Reputation here:


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Preorder Daughter of Darkness here:


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