Work Week in the Life

Work week in the life.jpg

  Today I'm doing a work week in the life post. Why am I not doing a work day in the life post? Why am I doing a whole week? Well, every day I do something different. My week usually goes like this: Sunday and Monday I do writing stuff. Tuseday I work on my website and schedule social media posts. Wednesday is my no internet, no work day. Thursday I do more writing stuff. Friday I work on my vlogs and blogs. And on Saturday I'm back to writing. Here's how my week usually goes.


  Sundays are usually looser work days. Sundays I usually do a mix of editing and writing. I don't do too much work on these days. I usually work for an hour, maybe two hours on Sundays. It's mostly just tying up the loose ends from the week before, before I get started on my work for the new week.


  I spend Mondays writing my ass off. It's the beginning of a new week, and I'm determined to start the week off on a good foot. During the weekdays, I spend anywhere from four to six hours working each day. This is usually a six hour day.


  On Tuesday, I focus on my website and social media. I don't focus so much on my blog, that's what I do on Friday. On Tuesday, I focus on every other aspect of my website. I make sure my author bio, my book pages, my extra information pages are all good. And then I schedule my social media posts for the week (or sometimes the month).


  Wednesday is my only day off. I've ruled Wednesday my "Internet-Free, Work-Free Day". I've been kind of bad about this lately, I haven't stayed away from Twitter. However, I'm working to get back on schedule. This is the day I use for catching up on tv and books, and playing my Nintendo 2DS. The only time I'm allowed to use the internet on this day is to download a book from Overdrive onto my Kindle. I don't even check my emails on Wednesday. Something about checking my emails stresses me out. I don't know why.


  Thursday is another writing day. Can you tell I do a lot of writing?


  On Fridays, I handle anything related to my videos and blog. I film and edit my videos. I write blog posts for the upcoming week. I love blogging. I don't know why. I just always have, and I've had multiple blogs over the years. This is currently my only blog, and I'm probably going to keep it that way. Trying to keep up with multiple blogs at once can be very stressful.


  Saturday is another writing day. I don't get a lot of writing done on this day, usually just a chapter or two. But hey, it's better than nothing.

  So, that's what my work week is like. At times it can wear me out, but I prefer to be working instead of sitting around all day. I need to go, go, go. I'm sure I'll keep working like this for awhile.