Tri-Monthly Goals (July-September 2018)

  I know I'm about a week late, but I'm posting this anyway. Something about announcing my goals to the world makes me want to keep up with them more. So, in this post, I will be reviewing my goals for April through June and announcing my goals for July through September. And here we go.

  First, I'll be reveiwing my goals from the last three months. My goals were:

  • Release Election Year 2050
  • Film Patreon video
  • Film and post Youtube announcement
  • Post to Patreon more
  • Get next 2 books edited
  • Film and post night before Election Year 2050 release day to Patreon
  • Launch Bruno & Brown Press website
  • Get covers made for next 2 books
  • Decide which book to write next
  • Outline next book
  • Do character profiles for next book
  • Start writing next book

  I managed to get most of the goals done. There were 13 goals to get done. I failed at five. I didn't film a Patreon video (I'm talking about the intro video), do anything for Youtube, vlog the night before Election Year 2050, or launch the Bruno & Brown Press website. So, it was not my best tri-monthly goal thingy. However, I did quit Youtubing. It was just too stressful. So, I think that I deserve a pass on those 2 goals. And I did not vlog the night before the Election Year 2050 release day because I was horribly sick, which you probably know if you've been getting my emails. So, yeah.

  Anyway, here's my goals for the next three months. I have until the end of September to get these done.

  • Launch Bruno & Brown Press email list
  • Launch Bruno & Brown Press website
  • Finish editing JJVH2
  • Start writing JJVH3
  • Release short story in July
  • Release short story in August
  • Get covers made for JJVH2&3
  • Release JJVH2
  • Update links on website
  • Update fun stuff section on website

  Yes, I have a lot to do. And I'm pretty confident that I'm going to be able to get it all done. When the time comes to reveiw my goals in September, I'm gonna nail it. Just wait and see!

Until the next post,

Sunshine G. Bruno