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Hey guys! It’s been so long since I posted on here. I’ve been super busy with all kinds of career related things, but I’m finally getting around to posting the first chapter of Sorrow and Regret. Sorrow and Regret came out last week, so if you enjoy the fist chapter, you can buy the rest of the book on Amazon or Draft2Digital.

  I stood at the end of the driveway with Michael, as we waited for the school bus.

  “Aren’t you excited?” I asked. “It’s the first day of our senior year!”

  “It’d be a lot better if we were going to school in a car.”

  I shrugged. I didn’t really mind. A lot of my friends rode the bus.

  “What are you wearing anyway?”

  I looked down at my outfit. I was wearing a lace off-the-shoulder top, a tulle skirt, and ankle boots, as well as a lace bow in my hair. “The same thing I wear every day. Why?”

  “Madonna hasn’t dressed like that in two years.”

  “I know.” I adjusted my “Boy Toy” belt and lace gloves. “You have no idea how hard it was to find a belt like this.” I smiled as I asked, “How would you know what Madonna wears anyway?”

  “I watch MTV just like everyone else.”

  I rolled my eyes. Michael was always so serious. “Loosen up, will you? Have some fun for once in your life.”

  “There’s nothing fun about school.”

  I didn’t say anything as I watched the bus come up the road.

  “At least this is the last first day of school,” Michael said as we got on the bus.

  “Exactly. So, cheer up, because it’s the last year we have to spend with these assholes,” I said as I high-fived the people that I knew. I smiled as I walked to the back of the bus, where Ian and Angela were sitting.

  “Hey, guys.” I sat down and kissed Ian.

  “Ew,” Michael muttered.

  “You’ve got that right,” Angela said.

  Ian grabbed my right wrist, which was wrapped in an ace bandage. “It’s that bad?” He asked.

  I nodded. “My aunt’s taking me to the doctor after school. So, I won’t be on the bus.”

  “Lucky you,” Michael muttered.

  “Aren’t you cheerful today?” Angela said.

  “Isn’t he always?” I asked.

  Ian and Angela laughed, but Michael didn’t say anything.

  Angela leaned in closer and lowered her voice as she started to say, “So about last night…”

  “What’s up?”

  “Do you think anyone’s going to suspect us doing something to Clay? I mean, you were hanging out with him in the last few days before you killed him. In public. People probably noticed.”

  “Oh my god,” I said.


  I couldn’t believe that Angela was talking about this now. The bus was crowded and even though it was pretty loud, when people started talking about someone who was missing, you never knew who was listening.

  I grabbed a notebook and pencil out of my backpack.

  Are you seriously going to bring this up in public? Drop it. We’ll talk about it later.

  Angela looked at what I had written. “Sorry. I’m just worried. About you, I might add.”

  “Thanks. But talking about it where people can hear is only going to make it worse.”

  “Are you getting paranoid?” Ian asked.

  “No, but we haven’t gotten into any trouble yet and I don’t plan on getting into any.”

  It was true. So far, we had never been considered for having anything to do with the disappearance of any of the vampires. We didn’t interact with them very much. We had no reason to. Vampire hunting was very much an in and out thing. As in, we go in and kill them, then we get out as fast as we can. Because they were vampires, their bodies disappeared in a matter of minutes. The cops really had no reason to consider us. We were nobodies. In fact, they usually didn’t come up with any suspects at all. They didn’t even know if the vampires were dead at all. They usually decided that these “people” just left town.

  I asked Ian, “Are you working today?”

  “No. Your aunt gave Angela and I the day off.”

  “She gave me the day off too.” I turned to Michael. “Your mom gave you the day off, right?”

  He nodded.

  That didn’t surprise me. Aunt Mary usually had the four of us working together. She knew that we were all inseparable.

  I leaned back in my seat as I asked, “What are we going to do today?”

  Michael shrugged. “Be normal teenagers? Watch tv?”

  “Sounds good to me,” Ian said.


  When we got to the school my friends and I were the last ones off the bus. We were in no rush.  We stood in a circle by the front steps of the school, watching everyone greet each other.

  “Why do people always act like they haven’t seen each other all summer?” I asked. “At least half of these people have to have seen each other sometime in the last three months. Everyone saw each other at the bonfire last week too.”

  Ian shook his head. “People are stupid, that’s all.”

  Angela sighed. “At least you guys only have to deal with this for nine more months.”

  “Students, please make your way inside and find the table that has a sign with the first letter of your last name on it!” A woman yelled. “If you are not in your homeroom classroom in twenty minutes you will be considered tardy!”

  I rolled my eyes at my friends and I started walking up the steps. “I swear, we are the only school in the world that gives out detentions for tardiness on the first day.”

  “See you guys at lunch, right?” Angela asked as she and Ian started walking towards the table that said A-C on it.

  I nodded. “Of course.” I kissed Ian before heading off towards the J-K table. “Michael, try to not be such an asshole today!” I called over my shoulder.

  Michael flipped me off, and I grinned. I had finally gotten some kind of reaction out of him.


  I got my schedule three minutes before the bell for homeroom rang. I hurried down the hall to Mr. Spor’s classroom. Although the hallway was nearly empty, it was littered with wads of paper. I wasn’t surprised. Even though we were all high schoolers, a lot of my peers still thought it was funny to throw paper at each other.

I sighed. I was surrounded by morons.

I walked into Mr. Spor’s classroom just as the bell rang.

  “Hey, Jones! I saved you a seat!” Stacy Jordan yelled.

  I gratefully rushed to the back of the classroom and sat down at the desk next to her.

Stacy Jordan and I had the same homeroom every year since our last names both started with JO. She had moved to White Grimm in seventh grade. We hit it off and ever since then we had been friends and saving seats for each other in homeroom.

  Mr. Spor was looking at something on his desk, so most of the students were still talking.

  “I didn’t see you at the bonfire last week,” Stacy told me.

  “Oh, I left early. I wasn’t feeling too good,” I said.

  “What happened to your wrist?”

  “I fell down the stairs.”

  “Does it hurt?”

  I nodded. It hurt like hell.

  Mr. Spor stood up. “Good morning everyone, welcome to the first day of school. If you’re new to White Grimm High, it’s nice to meet you. If you’ve attended school here before then we probably know each other.”

  I zoned out and thought about the two lies I had just told. I needed to make sure I remembered what I had told Stacy, so I could remember to tell anyone else who asked the same questions. Sometimes I got scared of how good I was at lying. It came so naturally to me. I had to be a good liar, though. When you do something like hunting vampires you have to be able to say anything to get you out of trouble. That was why I had made Angela, Ian, and Michael take drama with me when we were in middle school. For us, acting lessons were lying lessons.

  “Jenna.” Stacy hit my arm.

  I looked up. “Huh?”

  She pointed to the kid in front of me, who was holding a piece of paper out to me.

  “Oh.” I took it and looked at it. It was a list of rules for the class. I rolled my eyes. Teachers gave out these papers every year even though they all had the same rules.

  “Alright, let’s go over the rules now.”

  I sighed and slouched down in my seat. It was going to be a long day.

Announcement: Sorrow and Regret

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