Bad Reputation Preview

  Bad Reputation comes out tomorrow! Oh. My. God. I am so excited. I am so proud of this book, and I cannot wait for you guys to read it. And now, I'm sharing the first chapter with you guys. One more thing I want to mention is that I'm not going to be blogging and vlogging very often anymore. Basically, I want to focus more on writing my books. And with that, let's read this first chapter.


  I walked down the street, holding Alex’s hand. My friends, Robin, Georgia, and Anne were walking next to us.

  “I had a good time tonight,” I told Alex.

  He had taken my friends and me to play laser tag. I had never been before. I couldn’t afford it.

  Alex stepped in front of me and looked down at me. “You did?”

  I grinned, turning to my friends. “You guys go ahead, I’ll catch up.”

  They giggled and kept walking.

  “You wanna have an even better time?” Alex asked, leaning down to kiss me.

  After we kissed I said, “You know I can’t. I have to get home. My dad’s probably worried about me.”

  Truthfully, I wasn’t ready for a “better time”. Alex was older than me. He was seventeen. I was only fifteen. He usually understood that I wasn’t ready, but sometimes he got kind of pushy.

  Alex sighed. “Alright. Do you want me to walk you home?”

  I shook my head. “It’s an extra three blocks. You don’t have to do that. I’m walking home with the girls anyway.”

  “Alright. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.”

  I kissed him again. “Bye.”

  As I walked to catch up with my friends I thought about how great things were going. Not only did I finally have friends, but I also had a boyfriend!

  It took me a long time to make friends. Not because I’m shy, or anything like that. I’m actually really outgoing. But my brother screwed things up for me. He was constantly getting into trouble and was always doing stints in Juvie. People were really scared of him around here. But he left Los Angeles three years ago. It’s been just my dad and me ever since. Even though my dad is an alcoholic, he and I get along fine. The problem is that everyone thought that I was like my brother. I hope I’m never like him. It took me until this summer to prove to everyone that I was my own person. I made friends with some of the girls in my apartment complex, and I met Alex at the pizza place down the street. So yeah, everything’s going great.

  I sniffed the air. I smelled smoke. Weird.

  “Chrissy!” Georgia called.

  I ran to the corner where they were standing.

  “Oh my god!” I cried.

  Our apartment complex was on fire. The whole thing.

  My friends and I ran down the street. There was a crowd of people standing across the street.

  “Someone call 911!” I shouted.

  “They’re on their way,” Someone told me.

  I looked at the complex. It was blazing. The fire department would never make it on time. I looked at my building, at the window on the second floor, fourth from the right. There was someone standing at the window.

  “Dad!” I yelled. I lunged forward, but someone grabbed my arm.

  “It’s not safe,” They said.

  And then the building collapsed.

Election Year 2050 Preview

  I am more excited than I can explain. This is the preview for Election Year 2050, which is being released tomorrow! I worked so hard on this book, and I am so excited to be sharing it with the world. If you've bought Kill the DJ or Beauty's Only Skin Deep, then you've probably already read this preview (it was in the back of both books). But if you haven't, here it is!


  “It’s official,” The news anchor on the tv said. “Albert Franch has been elected to be the next President of the United States.”

  Half of the people in the New York City penthouse cheered. Jaxon Ribelle, however, felt his stomach drop.

  “President Franch is expected to make his speech within the hour,” The news anchor said. It seemed like she was about to cry. Jaxon knew that she had voted for the other candidate, Curtis Capper. Because of that mistake, the news anchor was going to die. Just like Jaxon and his wife, Olivia.

  Jaxon turned toward the front door. He had to get out of there.

  “Hey, Jaxon, isn’t this great?” One of his wife’s friends, Whitney, slurred. She must have been on her sixth glass of champagne.

  Jaxon shook his head. “No, Whitney. Olivia and I, we voted for Capper.”

  Whitney frowned. “Oh, that’s too bad,” She burst out laughing as she said, “It was nice knowing you.”

  Jaxon shook his head as he walked away from her. He had never liked Whitney anyway, she was always drunk.

  “Jaxon!” Olivia came running up to him.

  Jaxon hugged his wife, burying his face in her short brown hair.

  “Jaxon, what are we going to do?” Olivia asked. Her green eyes were shining with tears.

  “I don’t know, Liv. I guess there’s nothing we can do.”


  The rules of the Presidential election were simple. Every American citizen over sixteen had to vote for a new President every two years. No exceptions. Whoever didn’t vote for the winning candidate would be executed. About forty-six percent of voters didn’t make it past their first election. Seventy-two percent didn’t make it past their second election. Jaxon and Olivia, however, had made it to their seventh election. They were two of the extremely lucky few. It wasn’t easy to make a decision on who to vote for. You were not allowed to discuss who you were voting for with anyone who didn’t live in your household. You would watch one debate with the two candidates. Then an hour later you would go to vote. It was a huge gamble. But if you didn’t vote, you’d be executed. It was the result of cruel people having too much power.


  Jaxon and Olivia got out of the taxi and rushed into their apartment building. They were both impatient in the elevator. They rushed into their apartment. It wasn’t as luxurious as Whitney’s penthouse, but it was still quite nice. It was one of the benefits of living in New York, which was the only part of America that was as nice as things were before 2016. Ninety-eight percent of America’s population was living in run-down motels.

  Alissa, their daughter’s nanny, was sitting on the couch. She turned off the tv when Jaxon and Olivia walked in.

  “Alissa, where’s Zoe?” Olivia asked.

  “She’s sleeping in her bedroom,” Alissa told her. “Is everything alright?”

  Olivia didn’t say anything as she walked over to the picture window in the living room. She watched the city forty stories below.

  Jaxon didn’t say anything. He was still in shock. He was going to die. What would happen to Zoe? She had only just turned three. Everyone in both Jaxon and Olivia’s family were dead.

  “Alissa, who did you vote for?” Olivia asked at last.

  “Franch,” Alissa answered. She looked back and forth between Jaxon and Olivia. “Uh oh, you two voted for Capper, didn’t you?”

  Olivia nodded. “All of our family members have passed. We have no one to take care of Zoe. It’s why we hired a nanny in the first place. Zoe really loves you. Would you be interested in adopting her?”

  Alissa stood up. “Of course. Zoe is like my own daughter. She’ll be in good hands. You can trust me.”

  Olivia and Jaxon looked at each other and knew that they were thinking the same thing. You couldn’t trust anybody in this world.





  There was a knock at the door. A second later, a man stuck his head in. “Are you ready, sir?”

  Albert Franch, who was looking in the mirror, straightened his jacket. “Yes. I am ready for the world to see me as the President for the first time.”

  “Wonderful,” The man said. “If you would follow me, please.”

  Albert followed the man, staring at the back of his head. He was scrawny. Albert could crush him without a problem. He wondered if this man had been excused from voting. No, he didn’t think so. This man wasn’t important enough. He probably didn’t even know that you could be excused from voting. Of course, not just anyone could be excused. It was only the important people. Like politicians, doctors, and the extremely wealthy. No, this man would not have been excused. He must have voted for Albert, otherwise, he’d be a mess right now.

  “They’re ready for you out on the stage, sir,” The man said.

  Albert put on his best fake smile and shook the man’s hand. “Thank you for your support,”

  The man smiled. “It was no trouble. I’m just doing what I can to help make the country a better place.”

  Albert kept his smile plastered on his face. “Well, you just leave the rest to me.”

  “...And now, The President of the United States, Albert Franch!” Someone out on the stage said.

  Everyone started cheering as Albert walked onto the stage.

  He smiled and waved at everyone as he walked to the podium at the center of the stage. “Thank you!” He said. He waited for the cheering to die down before he continued, “Thank you, everybody. I am so excited to be your new President. I am going to make this country a much better place. You better believe that.”

  “Are you going to stop the executions?” A woman in the crowd yelled.

  “Pardon me?” Albert replied.

  “Are you going to stop the executions? That would make this country better.”

  Albert pointed to the woman and turned to a few men in the Secret Service. “Arrest her,” He said. After the woman had been taken care of, Albert continued his speech. “Make no mistake, America. I am not to be messed with. I will execute anyone who thinks otherwise. Now, there’s the matter of the people who did not vote for me. As you all know, we have a huge overpopulation problem in America. These executions are only to keep the population under control. If you did not vote for me, remain in your homes. You will be picked up and brought here, to Washington D.C., within the week to be executed. That will be all for tonight. Thank you, and good night.”


  Half an hour later, Albert was being led through the White House.

  “Your bedroom is this way, sir. You can talk to me if you need anything. Just ask for Edwin.”

  Albert stopped to examine a picture of a young woman that was hanging on the wall. She was standing in a battle stance, with two laser guns clipped to her belt. Laser guns? Hm. Those had gone practically extinct by the mid 2030s. They were really nothing but a fad. She was good looking, though. She had white-blonde hair, and gray eyes that matched the background of the picture.

  “Who’s this?” Albert asked. He had never seen her in any history books or anything. Not that he had read many history books. Or any other books, for that matter.

  “That’s Mia Forte,” Edwin explained. “She was President Barrow’s bodyguard and assassin for five years. She was a close, personal friend of his.”

  Albert stared at the picture. “I’d like to make her a close, personal friend of mine.”

  One of the Secret Service men coughed uncomfortably.

  “How come I’ve never heard of her?” Albert asked.

  “She worked very secretly. No one wanted the public to find out that a President had an assassin. Especially when that assassin was an eighteen year old girl.”

  “What happened to her?”

  “No one really knows. She was in prison under the orders of President Cordon until she found out that he had hired someone to kill President Barrow. She broke out and took her family and disappeared. No one knows where they are now, or if they’re even alive.”

  “An assassin?” Albert muttered to himself.

  “Would you like us to find an assassin for you?” Edwin asked.

  Albert shook his head. “No. I prefer to do my killing myself.”


  And that is the first chapter of Election Year 2050. I hope you guys will like this book. If you liked this chapter, preorder the ebook. I wish I could have included the paperbacks in these preorders, but Createspace doesn't do preorders. Hopefully, they will someday. Anyway, here's the preorder links for the ebook.


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Beauty's Only Skin Deep Preview


  Another week, another release... Or should I say re-release? Anyway, tomorrow I am releasing Beauty's Only Skin Deep for the second time. Unlike Kill the DJ, this is just a re-release. I cleaned it up a bit and got a new cover. I didn't add anything new, except a preview of Election Year 2050. I don't want to ramble on, so, here's the first chapter of Beauty's Only Skin Deep:


  I walked up to the building nervously, clutching my rosary. White Grimm High School. I’d be spending nearly every day here for the next four years. I might as well make the best of it.

  “Lauren! Lauren-Anne!”

  I turned around. My best friend, Meg, was running toward me.

  I grinned. “Meg! Hi! How was your summer?”

  Meg and I had been best friends since kindergarten. Despite that, we had never hung out during the summer. On the day after summer break started, Meg and her family would leave for the Hamptons. They wouldn’t come back until the day before school started.

  “Oh, it was fine.” She smiled as she said, “I had a boyfriend while I was there.”

  “What? Oh my gosh, tell me everything!”

  “Once we find somewhere to sit. I don’t want anyone to hear. I don’t need any kind of reputation on my first day of high school.”

  “Ok, tell me at Penny’s after school.”

  Meg nodded. “Alright.”

  We stood next to each other and stared at the big building in front of us.

  I looked at Meg. “Are you ready?” I asked.

  Meg shrugged. “I have no choice, do I?”

  I smiled as I shook my head.

  “Alright then, let’s go.”

  And with that we entered the building, merging into the crowd of hundreds of students.



  As the bus pulled up to the curb, I gaped at the gigantic brick building in front of me. Above the front doors, there was a plaque that said, “White Grimm High School”. I watched as all the students seemed to walk in pairs or groups. There wasn’t a single student walking alone. White Grimm was a small town. Apparently, there were less than twelve hundred people living here. I was probably the only new student.

  Not paying attention, I backed up off the seat. I bumped into someone.

  “Hey, watch it!”

  “Sorry,” I mumbled.

  The girl’s look softened as she said, “I’ve never seen you around before. What’s your name?”

  “Brittany,” I answered.

  “I’m Tiffany,” She stepped back to let me get off the bus in front of her.

  “Nice to meet you, Tiffany.”

  “Are you new?”

  I nodded.

  “Where are you from?”

  “Los Angeles.”

  Tiffany looked elated as she said, “Los Angeles? Wow, that’s great! I’ve never met anyone from California. Most of the students were born here. We’ve all known each other since kindergarten.”

  “Great,” I said sarcastically. My worst fear had been realized.

  “Hey, if you need someone to eat lunch with or something come find me, ok?”

  I smiled. “Alright, I will.”

  Tiffany smiled back as she said, “I’ve got to go. Bye.”



  As I walked away from Brittany, the new girl, I thought about what I had just done. My friends and I had been the most popular girls in school for the last two years. We weren’t the type to invite the new kid to sit with us. But that had been junior high. We were high school freshmen now. We were at the bottom of the food chain. Brittany was pretty and we needed all the help we could get.

  I walked over to my friends, Judy and Betty, and asked, “Have you figured it out yet?”

  “Figured out what?” Betty asked.

  “What Judy and I talked about on the phone last night.” I turned to Judy. “Judy, I told you to call Betty after we got off the phone last night!”

  “I’m sorry. I forgot,” Judy told me.

  I sighed. I was exhausted even though it was only 8:50 am. “Last night I told Judy that her and you need to find out who the most popular girls in the school are. That way we can become friends with them, and as a result, we are also the most popular girls in school.”

  “Oh, that’s a clever idea,” Betty said.

  Judy pointed to two girls standing by the auditorium doors and said, “I think that it might be those two. Everyone keeps looking at them and a few people went up to talk to them. Besides, look at how beautiful they are.”

  I nodded. They were beautiful. I immediately decided that I didn’t like them.

  Judy said, “Alright, so we’ll observe them for a few days. Make sure that they really are the most popular girls. Then we’ll figure out a way to hang out with them. Right, Tiffany?”

  I shook my head. We didn’t need to observe them. I already knew that they were the most popular girls. It was obvious. I could tell that they were. And I told Judy and Betty that.

  “What do you mean you can tell?” Betty asked.

  “Look at them. Everyone loves them.”

  Betty nodded slowly as she said, “I love them and I don’t even know them.”

  “I know, me too!” Judy agreed.

  This wasn’t right. My friends weren’t supposed to like these girls more than me. But even as I told myself that I hated them, I could feel a growing admiration for them.

  Suddenly the auditorium doors opened.

  “Come on, ladies. Let’s make our entrance and show White Grimm High School just how great we are.” I said as I positioned myself between Judy and Betty.



  Lauren-Anne and I took our seats in the middle of the auditorium. We weren’t like the teachers’ pets, who liked to get front row seats, but we weren’t like the cool kids who sat in the back rows either.

  Everyone around us was chattering excitedly, catching up with friends. When I say “friends” I mean the kids that you like, but don’t like enough to hang out with outside of school.

  Everyone grew quiet as a woman walked toward the stage. I could see why. This lady looked mean. Even so, she had a strange beauty about her.

  “Good morning, White Grimm High School. Welcome to the school year of 1955 and 1956. I am your principal, Ms. Ruffinio.”

  Oh boy. No wonder everyone had stopped talking so quickly. Ms. Ruffinio was supposedly evil. She paddled kids for the smallest reasons. If she caught you running in the hall, you’d get the paddle. If she found out you didn’t bring your homework or textbook to class? Paddle. If you talked during an assembly? Paddle. If you talked while she was talking during an assembly? You’d get the paddle ten times.

  There was also something extremely suspicious about her. She had been married three times. All three of her husbands had died mysterious deaths.

  Ms. Ruffinio talked for a long time. Mostly about rules of the school and what was expected of the students. After a while, she said, “Now a word from two of my favorite students. Welcome, Marylin and Beverly, the founders of the Charm Club!”

  The auditorium exploded into applause. I looked at Lauren-Anne curiously. What was so special about these girls? I mean, sure, they were beautiful. But that was about it.

  “See? I told you everyone loves them.”

  I turned around to see Tiffany Thomas talking to Betty Rhodes and Judy Stipes.

  Judy nodded. “We should try to sit with them at lunch.”

  “Yeah, the thing about that is I told some new girl she could sit with us at lunch.”

  “What?” Judy cried.

  I turned back around when Betty glared at me, clearly telling me to mind my own business.

  There was a new girl? We hadn’t had a new kid in town for years. If there had been a new kid everyone would have known. After all, there were only three schools in White Grimm. The elementary school, the junior high school, and the high school. And why would Tiffany invite her to sit with them? Tiffany wasn’t the kind of girl to invite anyone, let alone a new kid, to sit with her.

  “Welcome back everybody and welcome freshmen.” One of the girls said. “For those of you who don’t know us, I’m Beverly, and this is Marylin.” She pointed at the girl next to her. “As you all know, White Grimm High School opened four years ago, my classmates and I were the first freshmen in the school. We had never been in a high school before, so it was up to us to shape this high school and make it the way we thought a high school should be.”

  Marylin spoke next, saying, “During our first week of high school Beverly and I decided that we wanted to find model students. Students that showed how every high schooler should be. And that’s how we created the Charm Club. Girls in the Charm Club should have beauty, poise, grace, and be well-mannered.”

  I tried not to laugh. Obviously, they didn’t have to be smart if they thought that poise and grace were two different things.

  “We had students from every class joining. Everyone wanted to be a part of the Charm Club. However, we could only take in so many students.” Marylin pointed to a group of girls in the front row. They stood up and waved to the rest of the auditorium as she said, “These are the girls who joined us last year. And every year, after the seniors in the club graduate, we have room for new girls to join. This year we have four spots available. We’ll be taking applications all week, and on Friday night we will call you to let you know if you’re in.”

  In unison, Beverly and Marylin said, “Thank you, and stay charming!”

  Ms. Ruffinio took the microphone back from Beverly and Marylin and said, “Thank you, ladies. I see many wonderful young ladies in the sea of students this year, and I look forward to seeing you at the first meeting.”

  I looked at Lauren-Ann. Ms. Ruffinio was in the Charm Club?

  “Schedules are being handed out outside. Find the table serving the students whose last name starts with the same letter as yours. Thank you.”

  As we got up to go find out what our schedules were, Lauren-Anne asked me, “What was that all about?”

  “I don’t know, but I don’t want to have anything to do with it.”


  Well, I hope you liked the first chapter of Beauty's Only Skin Deep, be sure to preorder the ebook. Like, Kill the DJ, you cannot preorder the paperback, but it will be available for purchase tomorrow.

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Kill the DJ Preview

  I'm so excited to be posting this. The second edition of Kill the DJ is being released tomorrow! This new edition has about twenty pages added to it AND the first chapter of Election Year 2050, my new book. So, here's the first chapter of Kill the DJ:

  I have read a lot of books. I have seen a few movies. I know about the predictions. The future was going to be a technology-advanced utopia. We’re talking hoverboards, flying cars, robot servants. You know, cool things like that. Well, that idea couldn’t be farther from reality. Basically, the world went to hell. Everyone is poor, there are wars over water, many people are dying, and the earth is just a big, overheated ball of dirt. The only way to get technology of any kind is by paying a lot of money. Most people don’t have much of anything. No big deal, I’m used to it.

  I have my ways of escaping it. How? The same way teenagers have been escaping their problems since the beginning of teenagers. Music of course! Dubstep is the only kind of music most teens listen to. It is very rare to find any other kind of music. I myself like older music and listening to people singing. But like I said, it’s hard to find that kind of music. I guess I’ll take what I can get. So yeah, I know what you’re thinking. ‘Why is this chick talking about the kind of music she likes? And singing? This stuff is not important.’ Am I right? Well, it is important. I promise. In fact, without dubstep, I wouldn’t have much of a story to tell.


  “Remember class, your test is tomorrow. The first test of the year. Your only homework is to study cha-” My history teacher, Mr. Eder, was cut off by the bell ringing.

  Everyone shot up out of their seats. I grabbed my binder and ran out of the room. As I ran down the hall I saw my best friend, Emma, standing against the wall. She was examining her nails. Typical. She spent too much money on her nails. In fact, she was one of the only kids in the whole school who wore nail polish. Most kids found better things to spend money on.

  I grabbed her arm and started dragging her along with me.

  Sounding out of breath Emma asked, “Mia, why can’t your brother and sister meet us on the bus?”

  “Because they are little kids!” I cried

  “So? When we were first graders we walked ourselves to the bus stop.”

  “We didn’t have anyone to walk us. Now come on! Before the bus leaves without us again!” I said as we ran down the stairs.

  We rounded the corner into the first-grade hallway. My seven-year-old brother and sister, Frederick and Kelly, were waiting for us in front of their classroom door.

  “Guys! Come on! Run!” I cried.

  Emma grabbed Frederick’s hand and I grabbed Kelly’s, as we ran out of the school. We ran down the front steps and ran the three blocks to the bus stop in about four minutes. I pushed Kelly onto the bus in front of me just before the doors closed, barely closing on my shirt.

  As usual, the bus was packed full of students, leaving little moving room. So we stood on the steps.

  “What were the school buses like?” Frederick asked.

  “The school buses were awesome,” I said.

  Emma nodded. “Everyone had a seat because there were different school buses, depending on where you lived.”

  That’s right. We don’t have school buses. Five years ago they got rid of school buses and merged all the schools together. Now every school is K-12. It’s the country’s newest way to save money, I guess. It’s not really working though.

  When the bus pulled to a stop, I sighed and looked around. Great.

  “Alright guys, we have to get off for a second,” I said.

  “But this isn’t our stop,” Kelly said.

  “I know.” I told her impatiently. “We have to get off to make a path for others who need to get off at this stop. Then we’ll get back on.”

  We got off the bus and stood next to it. Once everyone who got off at this stop was gone, we got back on. This time we managed to get seats right in the front row.

  I leaned against the window observing all the run down buildings, most of which had gone out of business.

  How did this happen? I remember seeing pictures of this city a long time ago when everything was beautiful. There were neon lights glowing all night long. Millions of people used to flock to Las Vegas. Now it’s all like a ghost town. Eerie and quiet. The strip is dark without workers and visitors. I went down there once with Emma. We got creeped out and left after twenty minutes. I just want to see things nice again. Like it used to be.

   I was born in 2013. I got to see things that are not around anymore. Even if it was the very end of the good times, I can’t remember much of it. I wish I could, though. Then, in 2017, everything started falling apart. Here we are now, it’s 2030 and I am seventeen years old. And like I’ve said before, everything looks post-apocalyptic.

  When the bus pulled up to the stop, I ushered Freddy and Kelly off the bus.

  “Can you hang out today?” Emma asked as we walked into the parking lot of the Motel 6. Both our families lived here.

  I shrugged. “I don’t know. If my mom is in our room I’ll come by and get you. Okay?”

  Emma nodded as she went towards the west side of the parking lot, where her family’s room was.

  I sighed as we walked up the stairs. I know it seems odd. Who the hell lives in a motel room? Well, it’s not all that uncommon. Most of the people staying in this motel are living here permanently. Emma and I met here when we were four years old. We’ve been best friends ever since. Most of my friends live in the motel. After school, we all hang out at the train tracks, a few yards away from the back of the motel.

  Frederick, Kelly, and I walked into the room. I opened the curtains to let some light in and turned down the TV.

  “Mom,” I said.

  My mom was lying face down on the bed.

  I reached over and shook her. “Mom,” I said again.

  Mom looked up. “What?”

  “Mom, can you watch Freddy and Kelly? I want to go hang out with my friends.”

  Mom nodded. “Yeah, sure.”

  I opened the cooler and grabbed a water bottle. Then I opened the bottom drawer, which we used as a cabinet, and pulled out a can of Spaghettios. I put them in the microwave and grabbed a clean fork from the plastic bag on the bathroom counter.

  As I waited for my Spaghettios I asked, “Work late last night?”

  My mom mumbled, “I didn’t come back here until four.”

  “I thought I heard something.”

  To be honest, I’m not sure what my mom does. Every time anyone asks her what she does for a living, she changes the subject. I have figured out on my own that it is most likely something illegal. I am assuming something close to prostitution, considering she owns more revealing clothes than anyone I’ve ever seen. It would also explain how she got pregnant with my brother and sister, despite the fact my dad had been dead for years by the time they were born.

  The microwave went off and I grabbed my Spaghettios. “See you guys later,” I said as I ran out the door.

  I ran down the stairs and started across the parking lot. When I got to Emma’s room, I knocked on the door. After waiting a few seconds, I knocked again. After waiting for about a minute, I started pounding on the door.

  “Emma!” I yelled impatiently. “Emma! Open the door!”


  I turned around to see Emma standing behind me. “Where were you?”

  “At the ice machine.” Emma held up her bucket of ice. “See?”

  I nodded. “I see. But I told you I’d come by and get you.”

  “I didn’t know for sure if you were coming,” Emma explained. She paused before asking, “What were you doing?”

  “Waiting for you,” I said.

  Emma raised her perfectly plucked eyebrow. “I see. Seems like someone needs to work on their patience.”

  I grinned. “Who? Me?”

  Emma smiled as she opened the door. “So, your mom was home?”

  “Yeah. She was sleeping. Hopefully, Freddy and Kelly don’t get into too much trouble.”

  “Mia, you worry too much. They’ll be fine.”

  I shrugged. “I can’t help it, Emma. I mean, they are my baby brother and sister. I love them and care about them more than anything in the world. Besides, they’re growing up in a rough world. I can’t help it if I feel like I need to protect them.”

  “Trust me, they’re a lot tougher than you give them credit for.”

  I smiled. Kelly was tough, at least. Last year she broke a glass bottle and used it to fend off a bully on the bus the day I had been sick. I don’t even know where she learned to do that. Frederick, however, hadn’t come out of his shell yet. “I know. Now come on, let’s go to the train tracks.”


  I hope you guys liked the first chapter! If you did, make sure you preorder the book. You can only preorder the ebook, but tomorrow you will be able to order a physical copy.


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