Tri-Monthly Goals (April-June 2018)

  Hey guys! I know this is late, but I am reviewing my writing goals for Janurary through March, and sharing my new goals for April through June. I've been meaning to film this video since the begining of the month, but I've been so sick, and I haven't had time. So, I'm writing it as a blog post. So, here's my goals from the last three months.

  • Finish Election Year 2050
  • Edit Election Year 2050
  • Get beta readers for Election Year 2050
  • Send Election Year 2050 to my grandma
  • Get cover designed for Election Year 2050
  • Get new cover for Kill the DJ
  • Get new cover for Beauty's Only Skin Deep
  • Re-release Kill the DJ and Beauty's Only Skin Deep
  • Buy website domain name
  • Launch website
  • Launch Bruno & Brown Press
  • Film intro video
  • Post four videos a month
  • Launch Patreon

  Guess what? I got all but two of those goals finished! The only two I didn't complete were filming the channel intro video for my Youtube channel, and posting four videos a month to my Youtube channel. By the way, for those interested, here's my Patreon account. I haven't really promoted it, and I should probably do that more often.

  Anyway, here's my goals for the next three months.

  • Release Election Year 2050
  • Film video for Patreon
  • Film and post announcement for Youtube
  • Post four videos a month
  • Post to Patreon more
  • Get next two books edited
  • Vlog night of Election Year 2050 release
  • Launch Bruno & Brown Press website
  • Get covers made for next two books
  • Decide which book to write next
  • Outline next book
  • Do character profiles for next book
  • Start writing next book

  I have already completed one goal, and I have already failed one goal. Technically, I've completed a few other goals as well, since I am writing four books right now. But three are not in my name. I will be releasing them under pen names! Not for secrecy or anything, but because one of the books I'm writing is a romance book, and another one is way darker than my other stuff. All three of these books will be released under Bruno & Brown Press, and I will be telling you guys more once the books are finished!

  That's all for now. I'll hopefully be posting videos again soon.