My First Stories


  As I've mentioned a few times, I'm not really sure when I started writing. I know it must have been either in kindergarten or even before that. I don't remember too many of the stories I wrote, they were mostly about my pets, I think. But I recently received some things from my dad. I got a lot of notebooks and binders with stories that I had written from the time I was in kindergarten to the time I was twelve and a half. And reading those stories inspired me to post a post about some of the stories I wrote from the time I was a child, all the way up to the time I was about fifteen years old. So here are some of my first stories.


Koda's Adventure

  Koda was my dog that I got for my sixth birthday. She was an adorable and incredibly sweet chocolate lab. I'm still suspicious of her breed though. When I first saw a pitbull, I thought that it looked a lot like Koda. Now that I have Penny, I see how much she looks and acts like Koda. Everything about her reminds me of Koda, which makes me wonder if certain people weren't completely honest about what kind of dog Koda was. And there I go, getting completely distracted again.

  Koda's Adventure was written about a month after I got Koda. It was about Koda entering a sled race. Of course, everything that could go wrong goes wrong. Along the way, Koda makes friends with all the other dogs in the sled race after they help her with her problems. Koda ends up winning the race and takes all her new friends to the dog park to celebrate.

  This was the earliest story of mine that I could find. I love that it happens to be a story about my dog because I really want to write a children's book about my two current dogs, Peanut and Penny. Who knows? Maybe someday I will.


Cave Kids

  Cave Kids (What a creative title, huh?) was actually a comic book. I wrote it about a group of kids who lived in a cave and gained magic powers after finding a crystal. They drove a jeep around Red Rock and fought bad guys hidden in the mountains. I think that I was in first grade when I wrote this, but I can't remember for sure. All I know is, I was really young. I'd explain what the comic book was about in further depth if I could read it. I've always had bad handwriting, and it was absolutely horrible when I was a little kid.


Royal Hermit Crabs

  I wrote Royal Hermit crabs when I was nine years old. I wrote it about a royal family of hermit crabs. When the King gets sick, the two Princesses go to find a cure for the King's illness. The story isn't my best, but what I really love is the author bio I wrote for myself. It says, "Sunshine Bruno is the author of Royal Hermit Crabs. She is nine years old and in Mrs. Call's third grade class. She really wants a hermit crab, but her parents say no, even though she knows she's responsible enough for one. She thinks she's getting closer to convincing them, though." That is definitely the best author bio I've ever written.


Ahoy Mateys

  As I've mentioned before, I used to write friend fiction. It was just my friends and I going on adventures. Ahoy Mateys was a story I wrote about my friends and me as pirates. I wasn't just any pirate, though. I had a huge secret. I was also a mermaid. If even the smallest drop of water touched me, I'd go back into my mermaid form. So, being a pirate, I had a real problem. There was a happy ending, though. My friends and I saved a cruise ship from a bunch of evil pirates and became heroes. Yay!



This was another piece of friend fiction. In this story, my friends and I lived in a world where adults didn't exist. This was a longer work. I worked on it every day, adding new stuff, for about a year and a half. My friends and I lived in a world where adults didn't exist. It was kind of like The 100 before The 100. It was brutal. I started writing this during the summer between fifth and sixth grade and stopped writing it sometime during seventh grade. I never told anyone about it, although it kind of consumed my life. I thought that it was going to be my first published work. During boring moments in class, I'd write the story in my head, then write it down when I got home. Sometimes people told me I was mumbling to myself in class (I never noticed), and I imagine that I was mumbling parts of my story to myself.


Old Friends

  This was the first story I wrote that I shared with other people. It was about two friends who have been friends for over ten years but begin to drift apart when they start high school. One of the friends (the narrator) begins to lose herself to mental illness. She kills her dad and ends up in a mental institution. The story began and ended with the narrator talking to her former friend in that institution. The story was told as a flashback. I had just read The Outsiders and That Was Then, This is Now, and I thought I was super smart to begin and end the story in the same place.

  Those were some of my first stories. Obviously, there was a lot between the first and last ones of this post (there were even stories before the first one I shared), but these were the ones I remember the best. I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my first stories!