Beauty's Only Skin Deep Has Been Released!


  The re-release of Beauty's Only Skin Deep has been released! I am so excited! I am, however, a little worried. For some reason, the paperback version of Beauty's Only Skin Deep is listed as unavailable. I'm working to get that fixed right away.

  Anyway, I'm so excited for this to be out in the world. When I first had the dream that inspired Beauty's Only Skin Deep, I knew that it would make a great story. I wrote the dream down immediately, and less than a week later, I had the story finished. A year later, I released it. And now I've re-released it. I'm so excited to share this re-release with you guys. There's a (gorgeous) new cover, and a preview of my newest book, Election Year 2050, which will be released on April 10th.

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